Shredder Accessories

Shredder Lubricant Sachets (Pk of 12)

Shredder Lubricant Sachets (Pk of 12)


Swordfish Shredder Lubricant Sachets are clean and simple to use. Simply feed a sachet into your machine just  like any other document. The encapsulated oil is specially formulated to evenly lubricate the cutting blades. Shredders should be oiled on a regular basis and before any period of intensive shredding.

  • 10 Packs of 12 Sachets
  • For use with all types of shredders
Code Pack RRP (Pk) Excl VAT RRP (Pk) Inc VAT Quantity
40015 10 x Packs £165.38
£16.54 each

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