Snopake was developed by the Battelle Institute of America in 1955, for the correction of typed copy for reproduction within the printing industry.

It was introduced into the UK by Ronald.E.Southey of Colyer and Southey Ltd, who manufactured and marketed Snopake Correction Fluid under license from Battelle Development Co.

When the patent expired some time during the seventies, it enabled other similar products to compete in the marketplace, which by then had entered into the stationery field, and was welcomed by typists and office staff generally.

Snopake Correction Fluid was acquired by Sternstat Ltd in 1988 and the company name was changed to Snopake Ltd.

Did you know that the 'OP' in the Snopake logo is the proof correction mark for deletion! Exactly what our Correction Fluid does - it covers or deletes handwritten mistakes.

Snopake acquired the assets of Dahle UK/Swordfish brand in 2005.