Welcome to Snopake Brands.

Snopake is proud of its heritage, its experience, its passion and, above all, the quality with which every Snopake product is manufactured. Our products are constantly monitored throughout their product life-cycle, every attention to detail is applied, from conception, to when the product reaches the shelf and even during after-service. In fact, we believe so strongly in the quality of our products that most Snopake products have a product guarantee of between 2 - 10 years. Even our correction products have a shelf life of 2 years, if stored in ideal conditions.

Our portfolio ranges from Correction, Sticky Notes, Adhesives, Filing / Storage, Biodegradable filing, Expanding Organisers, Display Books, RingBinders and, our latest addition, Tablet Accessories. Each product is meticulously created, details such as extra strength welding, durability of the product, unique Snopake features, such as poppers or indexing, are thought through at every step of the way. We listen to our customers, because it's important, but also because we want our customers to enjoy their Snopake purchase. We listen to market trends, we ensure our products are price competitive but, above all, are suitable for a long term ownership. As stated, we will never compromise on quality and every Snopake product is our commitment to this promise.

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