Index Tabs

Filing Index Tabs
Filing Index Tabs

Filing Index Tabs

  • 80 tabs - 38x25mm each
  • A semi-transparent index tab with colour-coded tips that can also be used as non-marking highlighters
  • Strong and durable, made from extra thick 100μm PET material
  • Easily removed & retains stickiness for repositioning 
  • Writeable surface
  • Ideal for use on original documentation, such as contracts and library books, where a traditional (marking) highlighter cannot be used
  • Longer-lasting, smarter appearance than everyday paper versions
  • Assorted - 20 x Blue, 20 x Green, 20 x Red, 20 x Yellow     
Code Size Pack RRP (Pk) Excl VAT RRP (Pk) Inc VAT Quantity
15882 38 x 25mm 12 Blistercards £44.90
£3.74 each