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Why Platignum?

Since 1919 Platignum has put the 'P' into Pen. In fact the history of the pen is our history. We believe your handwriting says a lot about you and so does the pen you hold. That's why over a century's experience as pen pioneers has led us to create this distinctive range of quality pens.

At Platignum we like to combine Fashion with Functionality - we believe our brand is fun, different, fresh, invigorated but above all British. Platignum is about giving consumers choice, about capturing the need to communicate and the freedom of expression. The heart of Platignum is about bringing pleasure and a sense of fun to writing.

From vibrant, eye catching colours to sleek elegant finishes, we have a pen that suits every lifestyle, every personality and also every pocket. In fact, our pens are all manufactured in either brass or aluminium, hitting specific price points and bridging the gap between Everyday pens and Fine Writing instruments.

As a symbol, the Platignum clip is powerful, dynamic and decisive. It is also familiar, reassuring and part of our daily life. It portrays the essence of a pen - the nib! A Platignum pen is more than an instrument to write with, it's a way of life.

Platignum embraces the constant tension between tradition and modernity. With a pedigree of history behind the brand, Platignum demonstrates the need to look to the future. Every pen is a reference point for future generations, styled to surprise senses and designed to draw on your imagination.

Despite living in a technological age, it is still the handwritten note rather than a digital message that screams out at you - it's that personal touch. Whether you are writing a love note, jotting down a telephone message to a colleague, a handwritten note still remains the best way to get your message across, to make an impact, to stand out from the crowd, to be different! Writing by hand won't be going out of fashion anytime soon! Quite the opposite, in fact... it's very much on the up.

At Platignum, the written word will always be in fashion!